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Ecô Energy Management System

Ecô is a browser‐based management system that provides complete mechanical system control, monitors system performance, and actively provides system analysis to generate service alerts. Our Ecô Intelligent Control System provides the highest level of HVAC system control in the industry. Features such as full control by remote access, service alerts and the capability to build strategic profiles and manage energy use, make Ecô a powerful tool for contractors.


• Complete hardware and software solution.
• Manage complex systems with custom logic.
• Access the system from anywhere, anytime.
• Uses real-time NOAA weather data.
• Self-monitoring system with three levels of notification.
• Customizable data collection for system analysis and performance
• Easily expandable, once people learn the capabilities, our systems seem to grow!

Residential & Commercial
Ecô introduces intelligent climate control technologies to the residential and small to medium commercial HVAC marketplace. The first system of its kind, Ecô delivers capabilities that rival or exceed large-scale systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Ecô uses a micro server and I/O blocks to replace hardware control devices that are traditionally used to manage systems. Complex HVAC systems including geothermal, radiant heat and cool, forced air, solar, and fresh air exchange can be controlled and monitored by one control system.

Remote Web Access
Ecô introduces intelligent mechanical control technologies that can be completely operated and controlled remotely. to the residential and small commercial HVAC marketplace. The first system of its kind, Ecô delivers capabilities that rival or exceed large-scale systems, at a fraction of the cost. Ecô uses a micro server and I/O blocks to replace hardware control devices that are traditionally used to manage systems. Complex HVAC systems including geothermal, radiant, forced air, solar, and fresh air exchange can be controlled and monitored by one device.

Climate Control

Climate Control



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Text Box HeaderFrom the simplest to the most complex combination of HVAC hardware and Sequence of Operations (SOO), Ecô can manage it all without any proprietary programming. The I/O Points and the Sequence of Operations (SOO) are defined in tables using a click and point web interface. Eagle Mountain offers a service to create these tables; but the mechanical contractor can do it as well. And the end user can easily create Macros and setup Virtual Thermostats, or even create data monitors to track performance.


Text Box HeaderAll functionality in Ecô is implemented via a Web Interface with access from any device including Smartphones, tablets, and Microsoft Windows or MAC PCs. There is also an Ecô App available for Apple and Android devices. Combined with automatic alerts, the service company can typically determine the source of a problem over the internet before making an on-site visit. And the user can alter their thermostat settings while on vacation in Hawaii.

Text Box HeaderFunctionally, a Control Device is similar to the "box on the wall" that is normally used to control one specific function, like a set point controller. Ecô includes over 23 Virtual Control Devices. They are prepackaged routines that can be selected to perform a multitude of tasks, some simple but most complex. For example, staging three (3) heat pumps to manage the radiant buffer tanks in a least used rotation based on the trend analysis of the real time load required. Just choose the appropriate Control Device, select the input and output points, and specify any required parameters.

Text Box HeaderEcô's advanced SIM controller is capable of managing a single snow melt zone or an unlimited number of zones each with a specific priority (1-10) and mixing strategy. One of the truly energy saving features is its ability to harvest the heat in the snowmelt zones, when not in snowmelt mode, to use internally for heating radiant floors and domestic hot water. SIM automatically sets an Idle temperature proportional to the forecasted probability of snow. SIM also manages priority zones based on the real time analysis of the snow melt load requirement and the boiler capacity at the time. And excess boiler capacity can be used to heat domestic hot water based on priority settings.

Text Box HeaderCommissioning couldn't be simpler by use of the Ecô Toolkit. Using a combination of the real time Visualizer, the Ecô Simulator, and Data Monitors, the sequence of operations defined in the Ecô database can be verified long before all of the equipment is actually installed. Also, Ecô allows the contractor to engage subsystems one at a time until all the mechanical systems have been integrated and certified.

Text Box HeaderBy using a very robust database, SQL Server, Ecô can store massive amounts of data in real time. This data can be reviewed via trend charts, real time graphic monitors, EXCEL spreadsheets, and animated graphical Visualizers. These representations of the data are instantly available with one click of a button. There are no complex methods required to extract this information. Press a button and view a chart, it's that easy!


Text Box HeaderThe trend today in high end homes is to minimize wall clutter by eliminating the thermostat. Ecô makes that possible via a Virtual Thermostat. Temperature sensors hidden in the sheet-rock can be used to monitor room conditions. Set-point and mode changes can be made from either a Smart-phone device or any Internet browser. Slab sensors can be added in each zone so that Ecô can balance the effects of both radiant and ambient temperature (MRT) on occupant comfort. A single temperature sensor can be used for both a radiant and a forced air zone. Real and virtual thermostats can be combined in a home as required.

Text Box HeaderBy using NOAA or Environment Canada, Ecô obtains the temperature forecast for the next 3-6 hours. By combining the forecasts with the current outdoor temperature, the outdoor reset curve is adjusted to compensate for a rapid increase or decrease of current conditions. Because of the extended time it takes to ramp the slab up or down, the water temperature to the hydronic zones is increased or decreased proportional to, and ahead of, the forecasted temperature. The occupants are comfortable, the slab remains at the proper temperature, over-shoot is avoided, and less energy is expended. It doesn't get better than that.

Text Box HeaderMacros can be used to instantaneously alter conditions in the home or building. For example, changing a set point or mode, shutting down a heat pump, turning on Vacation Mode, start or stop heating domestic hot water tank, etc. There are three ways Macros can be executed: 1) via a click by the user from their browser or Smart-phone, or 2) by using a predefined schedule, i.e., every morning at 6AM, or 3) based on a true or false condition, i.e., the temperature outside has dropped near freezing and the heat pump is inactive.

Text Box HeaderWouldn't you want to know when an operational problem is occurring and how critical it is? Alerts can be established based not only on a single event but on a complex set of conditions, i.e., heat pump should have turned on but it didn't after 2 minutes. Alerts will reduce the time to restitution and minimize expenses for the home owner. They are sent as text or email messages to the interested parties and there is no limit to the number and type of Alerts.

Text Box HeaderOur server constantly monitors all of the Ecô installations across North America via a handshake heartbeat. Power outages in a remote location during freezing conditions can be catastrophic. If a power outage occurs, an email or text message will automatically be sent from our server to all interested parties. Other possible alert conditions include communication failures, nightly backup failures, excessive critical errors, notification of new product releases, etc.

Text Box HeaderThe user has the ability to create a custom dashboard that allows him to manage all of his zones and other HVAC functions with a single click of a mouse.

Text Box HeaderEcô supports devices that communicate using BACNet, Modbus, or ASCII. These account for virtually all communication protocols for most devices found in a home, building, or mechanical room. The mechanical contractor is free to choose devices they prefer to use at the right cost for the customer.

Text Box HeaderEcô provides an open interface for any Home Automation System (HAS). This expands the user's access to the various Ecô facilities from not only a browser device but also the HAS devices. The benefit of Virtual Thermostats still applies since Ecô controls and interfaces to all hardware, not the HAS.

Text Box HeaderEagle Mountain brings decades of experience in the world of Software Development of mission critical applications. By partnering with the home owner's team, we will not only go beyond satisfying the requirement but also deliver functionality that will save the home owner money, maintain their comfort, protect the Environment, save time and increase your profits, and put you heads and shoulders above your competition.

What Our Users Say...

Ecô is the only product I know of that can control all of our equipment so perfectly!
Richard Roth, AN Roth
Louisville, KY

This is an incredible system!
I've been in this business for 25 years and I have never seen a control system that can do what Ecô's does...
Jerry Nero, Nero Heating & AC
Hamden, CT