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Hydronic Systems

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About Us

Eagle Mountain has over three decades of experience integrating alternative energy sources into homes, commercial buildings, and industrial applications. Our integrated hydronic systems provide the highest level of performance and efficiency, as well as lower installation costs for a wide variety of applications.

The Ecô Intelligent Climate Control System provides one of the highest levels of mechanical system control in the industry. Features such as full remote access, service alerts and the capability to build strategic profiles and manage energy use, make Ecô a very powerful tool.

Snowmelt SystemCoastguard Air Rescue Station in Cape Cod – Snowmelt System

...Options are extensive and include features such as stainless or titanium heat exchangers, auto glycol fill systems, integrated boilers, and aluminum frame systems, make for complete adaptability to any type of application.

By providing a complete system design and manufacturing solution with integration between all components of the system through our controls, we offer the finest system packages available. We combine this with the finest hydronic technical support in the industry.

The biggest difference is our knowledge. We have designed systems that integrate geothermal, solar, gas, and biomass systems. Our experience enables us to provide you with a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. We work directly with contractors, architects, and engineers to design hydronic systems using the latest software, and Eagle Mountain's most valuable asset to our clients, decades of technical design and engineering experience.

Our HydroPro™ Hydronic Control Panels provide contractors a custom fully engineered solution designed and manufactured specifically to their application needs and include the finest quality components. Standard features such as air removal, feed water control, expansion tanks, variable speed pumps, flushing and filling ports, combine to make our panel systems an excellent choice for the quality conscious contractor...