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Radiantmax, radiant heating slab floor packages, Eagle MountainRadiantmax provides complete radiant slab floor packages for any type of concrete slab radiant application.

Radiant Slab floor packages are an excellent choice to turn basements into awesome living spaces since it converts cold, damp concrete to warm, comfortable radiant floor heating.

Slab package Radiant heating systems can also be used during the winter months to melt snow melting on sidewalks, driveways and patios.

Benefits of radiant slab floor packages

• Very simple and easy to install
• We provide all the drawings so you can do it yourself
• Turn damp basements into usable living space for your family
• Your in-floor radiant floors will be warm and so will you

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Package # Covers up to SF
RS-1 up to 290 square feet
RS-2 up to 580 square feet
RS-3 up to 840 square feet
RS-4 up to 1160 square feet
RS-5 up to 1450 square feet
RS-6 up to 1740 square feet

Every radiant heating slab floor package includes:

• 1/2” BPEX Tubing
• Copper Manifold Set
• Split Ring Hanger Brackets
• Tubing Cutter
• Copper wires ties
• Instructions
• Repair coupling
• Pressure test kit
• Instructions/installation drawings

radiant heating slab floor package installation kits by Eagle Mountain


Concrete is a great conductor of heat. This makes radiant slab heating the most efficient heat delivery system available. Along with being the most comfortable heat, it's inexpensive and smart planning.

Preparation is the key to building the most efficient radiant floor by mitigating moisture penetration from underlying soil.

After the ground is compacted, insulation such as Insul-Tarp must be placed on top of the ground and under your wire mesh. Insul-Tarp is easy to install and provides a vapor barrier and directs the heat energy upwards into the heated space.

The radiant heat tubing is then attached to the wire mesh using copper wire ties. The tubing should be embedded in the concrete in the bottom third of the slab thickness. This puts the structural mesh in the correct location. Care should be taken to insure that the tubing is not exposed on the bottom of the slab. Wire mesh "chairs" can be used to support the wire mesh properly up off of the insulation.  

We highly recommend that, after you have installed the radiant floor tubing per the plans, you test for leaks with an air compressor. Although tubing leaks are rare, sometimes damage can occur on the construction site. It’s best to find any leaks before the concrete is poured!

Hydronic Control Panels

Small Panel



"If I decide to spec a radiant system again I'll give you a call. I really appreciate the help you provided even when it wasn't your problem."
Erik –Cleveland, OH

“Control panel arrived in good shape and is working as advertised.  Thanks.
” Dennis – Washington, DC.

"Thank you to Eagle Mountain and their employees for the help and advice so professionally supplied. I would, and have, recommended your company to friends and family. "
Russ -- Rochester, NY

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