Radiant Floor Heating - Floor Heat Types

Concrete Slab

Concrete is a great conductor of heat. This makes radiant slab heating the most efficient heat delivery system available. Along with being the most comfortable heat, it's inexpensive and smart planning.

The radiant heat tubing is embedded in the concrete in the bottom third of the slab thickness. Insulation, such as Insul-Tarp, must be placed between the ground and your wire mesh prior to laying your tubing. This provides a vapor barrier and directs the radiant heat energy upwards into the heated space.
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Under-floor Radiant Heat

Radiant heat tubing is attached to the underside of the existing sub-floor using aluminum heat transfer plates to spread the heat evenly under the sub-floor. Astro-Foil is placed in the joist space beneath the aluminum plates with a 1-inch airspace between the Astro-Foil and the bottom of the aluminum plates. For the best results, additional insulation such as fiberglass or foam can be installed below the Astro-Foil. Obviously, care must be taken when nailing any floor covering from above.
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Over-floor Radiant Heat

Radiantmax Over-floor Packages are designed for the installation of radiant heat tubing over the sub-floor (generally using aluminum heat transfer plates to spread the heat evenly) between wood “sleepers” before the finished floor is installed. Care must be taken when nailing any floor covering to avoid puncturing the tubing.
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Thin-slab Radiant Heat

The radiant heat tubing is attached to the wood sub-floor with staples to hold it in place until a lightweight concrete, or gypsum underlayment is installed as the final sub-floor. Gypsum products bond to the sub-floor and are generally thinner and lighter than concrete products.
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Hydronic Control Panels

Small Panel



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