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Myson’s Select series wall-mounted radiator baseboard panel heaters are efficient and quiet, and come in a variety of sizes. These radiators put out about 80% to 85% radiant heat and 15% to 20% convection heat.

The Select series radiators have size, scale and detailing that give a symmetry and elegance that provides a classic design that works equally well in most traditional, historic or modern spaces.

Myson baseboard radiators are manufactured using the latest laser technology to create a heater of the highest quality of construction, with a paint finish second to none. With these hydronic heating units - there is a size and column configuration to suit just about any room or space, regardless of size. In fact, the Myson Select series radiators are ideal for a variety of domestic or commercial uses.

Select Panel Radiator Benefits:

  • Mounts on the wall, off the floor, making the cleaning of floors and carpeting simple
  • Range of sizes: Select series offers a full line which provides from 1,241 Btu/hr to over 13,000 Btu/hr depending on the length and height of the radiator
  • Efficient: Deliver two to four times the heat output of a typical hydronic baseboard per running foot
  • Quick, responsive, quiet and uniform heating
  • Advanced welding techniques allow the convector plates to be welded directly to the water channel, providing quiet, gentle and responsive radiators heat
  • Up-to-date fashionable high gloss finish
  • Tested to over 100 psi hydrostatic pressure
  • Compact: Fits snugly to the wall, requiring only 3" to 5 3/16"of depth
  • Backed by Myson’s 5 Year Warranty, including leaks, external corrosion, flaking or peeling of the epoxy/ polyester enamel powder coat finish
  • Everything’s in one pack – no on-site assembly

Call for pricing! Custom packages available upon request call
(585) 412-4245.

Hydronic Control Panels

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"If I decide to spec a radiant system again I'll give you a call. I really appreciate the help you provided even when it wasn't your problem."
Erik –Cleveland, OH

“Control panel arrived in good shape and is working as advertised.  Thanks.
” Dennis – Washington, DC.

"Thank you to Eagle Mountain and their employees for the help and advice so professionally supplied. I would, and have, recommended your company to friends and family. "
Russ -- Rochester, NY


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