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An indirect storage tank is a hot water heating device that does not have its own heat source. Indirect tanks are typically connected to a boiler that provides the heat energy through piping connected to the tank. The tank incorporates a stainless steel heat exchanger which transfers the heat energy from the boiler water to the water inside of the tank. The two fluids are not in contact but the transfer of heat is very efficient.

Both the Lochinvar and SSB indirect hot water tanks are very well insulated to prevent standby losses. The tanks are constructed using stainless steel so they last forever!

Lochinvar stainless steel indirect hot water tanks
indirect hot water tankFive sizes – 27, 40, 52, 80 and 119 gallons
• High Recovery
• Built-In, Pre-Wired Thermostat
• Dent Resistant Jacketing
• 316LPassivated Stainless Steel Construction
• Large Heat Exchanger
• Ultra Light Weight
• 150 psi Working Pressure Tank
• 150 psi Working Pressure Coil

The Squire uses the power and efficiency of the boiler, such as the Lochinvar Knight boilers, that heats the home to generate domestic hot water for showers, dishwashing, clothes washing, any hot water demand required. The efficiency of the boiler used to heat the home can be as much as 20% higher than a direct-fired tank-type water heater. So why not use that efficiency to “indirectly” provide hot water for all domestic applications.

The Squire passes the boiler water used to heat the home through a uniquely designed internal helical coil that is immersed in the water heater tank. The super heated coil then passes its energy directly to the potable water.

The end result is hot water for domestic use from boiler water already being used to heat the home. By using the Squire, to indirectly heat the domestic water, you eliminate the additional gas line, electrical connections and vent ducts needed with direct-fired tank-type water heaters.

Note: Since the Lochinvar Knight boiler is standard with domestic hot water prioritization, the KNIGHT and SQUIRE are ready to go into battle, right out of the box!

Standard Features
• 316LPassivated Stainless Steel Tank
• High Capacity Single Wall Stainless Steel Heating Coil
• Adjustable Thermostat
• Built-in Thermometer
• Recirculation Loop Connection
• 1" Boiler Supply and Return Connections
• 1" Domestic Water Connections
• Non-CFC Foam Insulation
• Removable Corrosion Resistant Outer Jacket
• Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve Opening
• Warranty -Limited Lifetime
- Five year warranty on Commercial.
- One year warranty on parts.
- (See warranty for details)

Lochinvar indirect hot water tank brochure with sizes, specifications and performance data

Lochinvar indirect hot water tank installation and operation manual

Indirect Tanks as a Domestic Hot Water Zone

Control Panels


Eagle Mountain's Hydronic Control Panels are designed to accomodate indirect tanks as a hydronic zone.

Hydronic Control Panels connect your boiler to the indirect tank and hydronic zones.

Download the Control Panel Catalog


Hydronic Control Panels

Small Panel



"If I decide to spec a radiant system again I'll give you a call. I really appreciate the help you provided even when it wasn't your problem."
Erik –Cleveland, OH

“Control panel arrived in good shape and is working as advertised.  Thanks.
” Dennis – Washington, DC.

"Thank you to Eagle Mountain and their employees for the help and advice so professionally supplied. I would, and have, recommended your company to friends and family. "
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