Hydronic Control Panels

Eagle Mountain manufactures Hydronic Control Panels for residential and commercial applications. Our panels are custom designed and precision shop-built using only the finest components. Mounted on a solid HDPE back panel with a bubble level & wall hanger bracket, control panels arrive at the job-site ready for installation.

Eagle Mountain Radiant Heating Hydronic Control Panel

Heat Sources
Radiant Systems Gas Boilers
Snowmelting Wood or Coal Fired Boilers
Hydronic Air Handlers Geothermal
Baseboard Systems Solar

Hydronic Control Panel Benefits:

  • Installer ready – as a module
  • Custom designed for the project
  • Complete drawing set
  • Factory built and tested
  • Shipped ready for installation
  • Finest grade components
  • Designed for serviceability, with circuit isolation for easy service and component replacement
  • Pre-wired with pumps, actuators, and controls
  • Din rail wiring connections
  • Fixed costs make bidding easy
  • Faster installation
  • Reduced wiring and start up
  • Plug and play single power supply
  • Factory warranty
  • Factory tested
  • Designed for serviceability
  • Optimized for efficiency
  • Looks professional

radiantmax, radiant heating HVAC control panels by Eagle Mountain


Custom Control Panel Design

Eagle Mountain provides complete custom design work for residential and commercial applications. Our panel designs save time, money, and reduce the space needed for complex pumping and zoning systems.




Precision Manufacturing

All hydronic control panels are precision shop built at Eagle Mountain’s factory in western New York.  Pumps, actuators, and controls are pre-wired and operationally tested.  The hydronic system is leak tested to 60 psi. 

Quality Components

Eagle Mountain manufactures its Hydronic Control Panels with the highest quality components including:

  • HDPE Back Panel - virtually indestructable
  • Hanger System
  • Grundfos Pumps
  • Caleffi Pop-top Zone Valves
  • Caleffi Backflow Preventer/Regulator
  • Caleffi Backflow Preventer
  • Caleffi Discal Microbubbler
  • Watts Ball Valves
  • Watts Expansion Tank
  • Watts Isolation Pump Flanges
  • Copper Piping
  • Copper T-drill Manifolds
  • Digital Temperature Gauge
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Modular Electrical Enclosure
  • Phoenix Din Mount Connectors and Relays
  • 24VAC Power Supply
  • Illuminated Master Switch
  • Solid State Relays
  • Tekmar Controls (as specified)


  • Variable Speed Pumps
  • Injection Mixing
  • 3-way Mixing
  • Modulation
  • DDC Control Connections
  • Up to 4” Pipe Size

Ease of Installation

All panels arrive pre-wired and ready for installation.  Panel drawings and wiring diagrams can be delivered in advance of the panel shipment.

Electrical installation is simplified as a single power supply operates all equipment on the panel.  Standard hydronic fittings are compression style and require no special tools, just a basic wrench. 


Build Your Hydronic Control Panel

Answer the following questions for a free customized control panel quote.

Questions? Call (585) 412-4245 and we can guide you through the configuration process. Answers to common questions are located on the right side of this page.

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Hydronic Control Panels are custom designed and manufactured. A sales representative may contact you to confirm your panel configuration. If the standard responses do not apply, please make a note in the comments in the comments section. If you don't know the answer to any of the questions, don't worry.


Heat Source

Please select your desired heat source. If you need a custom Geothermal loopfield pump panel, please select Geothermal and make a note in the comments section.


Heat Source Pump on Panel

The "primary" loop connects the control panel to the heat source. Panels need a primary pump if the heat source does not include its own circulator.



3 way mixing is required when several zones require different temerature water but the source water temperature is constant. Injection mixing is used when the source water is not a constant temperature.


Heat Source Supply & Return

This piping is also called primary piping because it connects the heat source to the control panel.


Radiant Zones

The number of radiant zones affects panel layout and pump sizing. Eagle Mountain's panels include a single circulator pump for all zones which lowers the cost to add additional zones.


Manifold Supply & Return

This piping connects the control panel to the mainfolds located in each radiant zone. If the system requires piping of a different type or sizes, please make a note in the comments.


Hydronic Air Zones

Air zones connect the hydronic control panel to high or low velocity air handles for both heating and cooling applications.


Domestic Hot Water

This option applies when a boiler system heats domestic hot water with an indirect hot water tank. The control panel will include a circulator pump configured for DHW.


Optional Radiant Pump

Eagle Mountain control panels use either Grundfos 1558 FC or Grundfos 26-99 FC circulator pumps for primary, secondary, and DHW loops. The Grundfos 26-99 FC upgrade applies when the manifold supply and return distance exceeds the design critera for the standard Grundfos 1558 FC circulator pump.

Please refer to the Grundfos pump curve of call Eagle Mountain at (585) 412-4245.

Based on analysis of system fluid volume, we can suggest the use of a more powerful circulator.


Volume Calculation

The total volume of your hydronic system is important for our engineers to determine whether the control panel circulators will meet your requirements.


Custom Design

Custom panel design is available to fit your specific project requirements. Please provide as much information as possible and add specific details to the comments section.



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