Boilers - Radiant Floor Heating

Eagle Mountain's selection of gas and electric boilers is world-class! We carry the finest boilers from around the globe at the best prices. Eagle Mountain designers can help guide you to the right boiler for your application.

Types of Boilers for Radiant Heating

Boilers are generally comprised of a heat or fire source, heat exchanger, internal expansion tank, temperature and pressure relief value, pump, overheat safety device and a mounting system. Boilers fall into two classes:

  • Non-condensing: most common type due to lower cost, but capped at 87% efficiency;
  • Condensing: most energy efficient since it captures heat from the fuel and exhaust, and collects heat from latent energy when the vapor turns to liquid (at 131 F).



Savio Boilers - the all new Savio Boiler delivers technology and efficiency at prices unmatched by equal quality wall hung gas boilers.

Savio Boilers offer exceptional quality and are recommended for all Radiantmax radiant heating systems.

Learn more about Savio Boilers.

Argo Electric Boilers
provide an alternative to customers who need an electric heat source. This compact unit, hardly larger than an attaché case, may be installed by one man in any out of the way spot desired... even a closet. Only two plumbing and one electrical connection are required. Simplicity of design and quality construction assure dependable operation with minimum maintenance. Read more about Argo Electric Boilers.


Thermolec Electric Boilers are built to last with durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel heat generator vessels. The tank and elements are guaranteed for 10 years. The aluminum outer shell and stainless steel tank combination makes this unit ultra-resistant to corrosion and reduces the weight for easy installation. Read more about Thermolec Boilers.

Hydronic Control Panels

Small Panel



"If I decide to spec a radiant system again I'll give you a call. I really appreciate the help you provided even when it wasn't your problem."
Erik –Cleveland, OH

“Control panel arrived in good shape and is working as advertised.  Thanks.
” Dennis – Washington, DC.

"Thank you to Eagle Mountain and their employees for the help and advice so professionally supplied. I would, and have, recommended your company to friends and family. "
Russ -- Rochester, NY

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