Radiant Floor Heating - Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates

aluminum heat transfer platesRadiantmax aluminum heat transfer plates are installed between the floor joists to provide heat transfer across the bottom of the plywood.

The 1/2" BPEX tubing fits snuggly into round channels formed into the aluminum. This heat transfer from the tubing to the aluminum plate greatly increases the amount of heat delivered by the tubing to the floor, and additionally keeps the temperatures across the floor more evenly distributed.

Download Aluminum Heat Transfer Plate Brochure

Aluminum heat transfer plates can be stapled to the plywood using an electric stapler. Space should be left between the ends of the plates to allow for expansion of the aluminum.

We recommend the use of aluminum heat transfer plates as part of an under-floor radiant system along with Astro-Foil insulation below them.

Floor Output @140F Inlet Temp Output (BTU/hr/SF
No plates, 5/8" air gap 23.5
No plates, 2" air gap 26.2
With plates, 5/8" air gap 46.3
With plates, 2" air gap 42.0




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