Frequently asked questions about geothermal:

Savings / Costs / Value:
Retrofitting Your Home:

Geothermal FAQ


How efficient are geothermal systems?
Can one system provide both space heating and cooling for my home? And what about hot water?
How does a geothermal system heat water for my home?
How much space does a geothermal system require?
How long will my geothermal system last?
How noisy is the geothermal system unit?
How safe is a geothermal system?
Are geothermal systems comfortable?
How effective is the underground geothermal loop system?
What is a geothermal heat pump?
How does a heat pump work?
How is a heat pump sized?
Can geotheraml systems be used for commercial, industrial, or apartment requirements?


Savings / Costs / Value:

How will I save money with a geothermal system?
How much does a geothermal system cost?
What other costs are there besides the geothermal system?
Are there any incentives for installing a geothermal system?
How do geothermal heat pumps compare to conventional HVAC systems?
Will this system add value to my home?
What is the life of a heat pump?
How long will the pipe loop last?
Are geothermal systems guaranteed?



Are geothermal systems difficult to install?
Can I install a geothermal system myself?
How are the pipe sections of the loop joined?
What is the fluid in the loops?
How far apart are trenches and vertical boreholes spaced?
How long does it take to install a horizontal loop system?
How long does it take to install a vertical system?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the horizontal and vertical installations?

Environment / Climate:

How do geothermal systems protect the environment?
What are the environmental benefits of geothermal system?
In extremely cold climates, are additional heat sources necessary?

Retrofitting your home:

Will my existing ductwork function with this system?
Will an underground loop affect my lawn or landscape?
My yard contains many shade trees. Will this affect ground temperature and my ability to use it as an energy source?
Can a geothermal system be added to my fossil fuel furnace?
Will I have to add insulation to my home if I install one of these systems?





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