Geomax Geothermal heat pumps deliver superior value:

  • 350% to 500% efficiency
  • Much lower heat bills
  • Free hot water
  • Free cooling equipment
  • Rapid return on investment
  • No or low annual maintenance
  • Tax incentives and Energy Star rebates

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Geothermal Forced Air Units: the Denali, Sierra, and Everest

units are economical, and a good choice for a basic no-frills unit. More about Denali forced air geothermal units.

Download the Denali PDF Brochure.

Geothermal Forced Air Denali

The GEOMAX Sierra
forced air application offers excellent performace. More about Sierra series geothermal units.

Download the Sierra PDF Brochure.

The Geomax Everest is our best overall unit. It offers exceptional comfort and unmatched performance. More about Everest geothermal units.

Download the Everest PDF Brochure.


Geomax geothermal hydronic systems:

The Cascade is for hydronic applications. It can be added on to existing units for high volume water users.

Able to supplement radiant flooring, spas, pools and fan coils as well. More about Cascade series geothermal units.

Download the Cascade PDF Brochure


Geomax Hybrid Geothermal Heat Pump Units:
combination forced air and hydronic systems:

The Rainier is a 3-in-1 system: forced air heating and cooling with the capability of radiant floor heat. More about Rainier series geothermal units.

Download the Rainier PDF Brochure






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Geothermal tax incentives
There are numerous incentives offered for geothermal heating and cooling systems across the United States.
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Compare Geomax units
Use the Geomax comparison chart to compare the five different Geomax geosource heat pumps side-by-side to help you decide which model is right for your application.
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Geomax unit comparison - download PDF brochure.


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