Geothermal forced air systems

The GEOMAX Denali series

geomax, geothermal denali system

The Denali line of Geomax, geothermal forced air HVAC products has been designed to provide significant geothermal energy savings on heating & cooling costs.

The smart design of the Denali product line makes it suitable for both geothermal closed loop systems and well-water installations.

Denali units deliver comfort, savings and performance at a modest price. Learn more about the Geomax Denali»


The GEOMAX Sierra series

The Sierra series is well known for performance, quality, reliability and quiet operation. Through continuous improvements and upgrades, the Sierra units have earned a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Learn more about the Geomax Sierra»



The GEOMAX Everest series

The Geomax Everest features advanced technology and innovative components to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Dual capacity operation provides you with the finest in comfort and energy savings. With sophisticated and robust microprocessor controls, compressor monitoring and today’s best digital thermostats, the Everest series sets the new industry benchmark.

Learn more about the Geomax Everest»







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Geothermal tax incentives
There are numerous incentives offered for geothermal heating and cooling systems across the United States.
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Compare Geomax units
Use the Geomax comparison chart to compare the five different Geomax geosource heat pumps side-by-side to help you decide which model is right for your application.
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Geomax unit comparison - download PDF brochure.



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