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Geomax-Geo Air Quality-FANTECH: heat and energy recovery ventilators

Indoor air quality problems have soared since the late 1970s when construction technology succeeded in developing energy efficient "tight" houses. Pollutants inside houses, which once escaped through cracks around windows and doors, are now trapped inside creating an indoor environment that is often 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside. Pet dander, mold spores, dust mites, allergens, tobacco smoke and other pollutants add up to poor indoor air quality.

Fantech's new line of recovery ventilators and IAQ Products can help you solve these problems through better ventilation. Choose from a complete line of Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators to bring fresh outside air into the house while expelling stale polluted air.

Discover the benefits of Fantech's newWhole House HEPA Filtration unit that can be easily installed on a furnace/air handler or used as an independent system to clean the air in an average size house once each hour.

Each Fantech IAQ Products and recovery ventilators are designed using state-of-the-art technology and quality components to give you long life and dependable operation. We guarantee it.


Geo Air Quality- the Heart of the System
Fantech's Heat Recovery Ventilator (like the unit shown above) feature polypropylene heat exchanger cores.

  • In the heating season the core transfers heat from the outgoing, stale household air to preheat the incoming, fresh air.
  • Cross-current sections, ensure the two air streams are always kept separate preventing the incoming fresh air from being contaminated by the outgoing stale air.
  • During the air-conditioning season, the HRV reverses this process, removing some of the heat from the incoming air and transferring it to the outgoing air.

Fantech ERVs, which are ideal for warmer climates, use enthalpic cores to transfer heat and moisture.

  • Reduces indoor humidity in the air conditioning season.
  • Maintains a comfortable humidity level in the home in the heating season.

Electronic Control Board
Fantech Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators have been designed with new "high tech" electronic control boards. Features include:

  • Accessory control contact allows the ventilator to connect to other equipment such as an existing forced air system to trigger the furnace blower motor to turn on and off on demand.
  • A diagnostic LED
  • Allows units to be easily operated from a remote Intellitek Multi-Function Wall Control.

Choice of Defrost Mode
The defrost mode activates when the temperature of incoming air is below 23°F (-5°C). Two types are available:

Recovery Ventilators without recirculation features an automatic timed supply fan "shutdown".

Recovery Ventilators with recirculation uses a motorized damper to temporarily block incoming fresh air allowing the warm air from the house to circulate through the HRV.

  • Maintains equal house pressure.
  • Does not introduce household odors back into the home.
  • Provides positive shutoff of supply air when unit is in standby mode.

Factory-Balanced EBM Motors
Fantech HRVs and ERVs use superior German-manufactured, factory-balanced EBM motors.

  • Vibration is reduced to a minimum providing quiet operation.
  • Permanently lubricated sealed bearings guarantee long life and maintenance-free operation.
  • Typical life expectancy of motor is in excess of 100,000 hours.
  • 7 year warranty (limited).

Superior Warranties
Fantech HRVs and ERVs carry the following superior warranties:

  • Motor: 7 year (Limited)
  • Core (Polypropylene): Lifetime (Limited)
  • Core (Enthalpy): 5 year (Limited)
  • Other Components: 5 year (Limited)

More Information on HEPA Filtration Systems and Heat Recovery Ventilators
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Selecting The Right Unit
The climate conditions where you live will determine whether you need a Heat Recovery Ventilator or an Energy Recovery Ventilator.

Heat and Recovery Ventilators are usually recommended for colder climates with longer heating seasons. ERV's are used for warmer more humid climates with long cooling seasons. Use map for reference.

Cold Dry Climate
HRV Required
Variable Conditions
HRV Recommended
Pacific Conditions
HRV Recommended
Hot Dry Climate
HRV Recommended
High Humidity
ERV Required


Sizing For Your Residential Needs
HRVs/ERVs are typically sized to ventilate the whole house at a minimum of .35 air changes per hour. To calculate, simply take the square footage of the house (including basement) and multiply by the height of the ceiling to get cubic volume. Then, divide by 60 and multiply by .35.

Note: Always consult your local code for sizing requirements in your area.

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