Eagle Mountain Company History

Eagle Mountain began in 1978 originally as a small commercial construction company. By the early 80s, Eagle Mountain moved into residential construction specializing in custom timber-frame, post and beam, and log homes.

Eagle Mountain customers have always been people who appreciated craftsmanship and sought out the best things for their homes and businesses that they could find; energy-efficient windows, better insulation and products that made prudent use of natural resources.

But when it came time to select the heating and cooling systems for their homes, the owners of Eagle Mountain found few options existed for people who cared about keeping their family safe and comfortable in a way that could also be environmentally responsible.

Integrating alternative energy systems into the houses

With a desire to supply a real option in heating and cooling systems to people who sought to impact the environment as little as possible, Eagle Mountain started integrating alternative energy systems into the houses it built. By the mid 80s, they began installing active and passive solar systems.

By 1987, they were installing geothermal systems which allowed their customers to heat their homes using heat from the ground instead of burning fossil fuels as with conventional HVAC systems.

Many Eagle Mountain-built homes also incorporated radiant floor heat; and in 1989 the company’s newly formed Radiantmax division became a sales distributor for in-floor radiant heating systems. Radiant floor heat in itself provides better energy efficiency and comfort than conventional systems. As it is easily integrated into other HVAC systems including solar and geothermal, it was natural fit for Eagle Mountain’s business model.

World-class radiant systems designer

In 1994, Eagle Mountain designed and installed the first aggregate heating system in the United States for Northrup Concrete. Since that time, they have become a world-class leader in the field.

By 2001, Eagle Mountain moved into national distribution of its products. Their team manufactures, distributes and integrates a vast array of alternative energy products to provide specific heating, cooling and water heating systems to homeowners, architects and builder.

“Our system designers and sales staff are knowledgeable, dedicated people who understand the needs and requirements of our customers because they use our products as well, for their own families, as well as right here in our office and warehouse” says Doug Mossbrook, the president and founder of Eagle Mountain.

Committed to alternative energy and the environment

“We are committed to offering world-class alternative energy products to our customers and believe that energy efficiency should be a way of life.”

In addition to its Radiantmax radiant floor heating systems, Geomax geothermal systems and Alt-e solar and wind energy products, Eagle Mountain produces and distributes related HVAC products designed for energy efficiency and comfort. These include heat recovery ventilators, tank-less water heaters, boilers, high-tech insulation, HVAC control panels and much more.

Eagle Mountain’s dedication to the environment goes a step further with its Center for Green Technology – a training and education facility dedicated to “green” construction techniques and sustainability.

The building itself is an example of what can be built today, using existing technology, to dramatically lower energy costs, use sustainable and reusable building products, and reduce the impact on the environment. The project will also demonstrate how green building can be accomplished at a similar cost when compared to traditional commercial construction.

The 21,000 square foot Center for Green Technology incorporates geothermal heating, cooling and domestic hot water; radiant heat floors, solar panels, special glazing, insulated concrete form (ICF) construction, a rainwater collection system, a rooftop garden, water-less urinals, and other "green" technologies. Its energy consumption is no more than that used by a conventional 3,500 square foot Energy-Star rated home.


Our Mission
Eagle Mountain is committed to the design and application of products and methods to reduce energy consumption and create a sustainable future for the earth while ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. More about Eagle Mountain.


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