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As a leader in alternative energy products such as its Radiantmax radiant floor heating systems, Geomax geothermal systems and Alt-e solar and wind energy products, Eagle Mountain is often quoted in news articles about alternative energy.

Many of their clients' homes have beeen featured in newspapers, magazines, trade journals and television shows illustrating both the comfort and economic benefits derived from using eco-friendly systems.

"Eagle Mountain is committed to offering world-class alternative energy products to our customers, and believe that energy efficiency should be a way of life," says Doug Mossbrook, founder and president of Eagle Mountain.

With three decades of experience in alternative energy, long before the "green" movement became popular, Eagle Mountain is world recognized leader in heating, cooling and hot water systems dedicated to energy conservation.

"Our customers have always been people who want to be good stewards of the planet without sacrificing quality and comfort for their families," added Mossbrook.

Eagle Mountain has received considerable press coverage with the ground breaking of its new headquarters in the Bristol hills south of Rochester, N.Y., which will include manufacturing, distribution and office space in addition to a research and training facility for sustainable building practices.

Center for Green Technology and Innovation
Eagle Mountain’s dedication to the environment goes a step further with its Center for Green Technology and Innovation– a training and education facility dedicated to “green” construction techniques and sustainability.

Radiant Heat | Geothermal Heating Cooling | Underfloor Heating | RadiantMax.comThe building itself is an example of what can be built today, using existing technology, to dramatically lower energy costs, use sustainable and reusable building products, and reduce the impact on the environment. The project will also demonstrate how green building can be accomplished at a similar cost when compared to traditional commercial construction.

The 21,000 square foot Center for Green Technology, sitting on the 30-acre site in Bristol, New York, incorporates geothermal heating, cooling and domestic hot water; radiant heat floors, solar panels, special glazing, insulated concrete form (ICF) construction, a rainwater collection system, a rooftop garden, water-less urinals, and other "green" technologies.

Its energy consumption is no more than that used by a conventional 3,500 square foot Energy-Star rated home.

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Eagle Mountain in the news
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Eagle Mt building groundbreaking

Our Mission
Eagle Mountain is committed to the design and application of products and methods to reduce energy consumption and create a sustainable future for the earth while ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our customers.

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