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Thermolec FFB Series

The Thermolec FFB Series boiler is designed to provide a wide range of heating capacities utilizing features such as a modulating electronic controller with outdoor reset and an integrated load management control. Modulating control with solid state relays adjusts the heat output by silently pulsing part of the boiler to keep the temperature stable. On warmer days the outdoor sensor will limit the water temperature based on the outdoor temperature to reduce energy use. 

Thermolec electric boilers offer the latest technology for radiant floor, baseboard and other hydronic heating applications. They are 100% efficient and include an outdoor sensor and reset control to adjust supply water temperature based on outdoor temperature, improving comfort and saving energy.  Full modulation is a standard feature, making this boiler ideal for multiple zone systems.  This is the only electric boiler on the market with a corrosion resistant stainless steel heat generator tank, 

Themolec boilers are compact, light weight and designed to be quickly and easily installed on a wall, requiring very little space. These boilers can significantly reduce the total installed cost of a hot water heating system as compared to a fossil fuel boiler since they are typically less expensive and require no gas piping or venting.

Thermolec TMB Series

The compact Thermolec TMB Series boiler is designed as an economical alternative for smaller capacity in-floor radiant, hot water baseboard or hot water radiator heating systems.   Again, this boiler series requires little space, no venting or gas piping and are ideal for new construction or retrofit applications. The TMB series offers lower total installed cost versus gas boilers and provide many years of quiet and safe operation.  

Standard features include full modulation, outdoor rest and a stainless steel heat generator tank.









  1. Heavy-duty, fully insulated heat generator (10 years warranty)
  2. Pre-wired elements electronically controlled for full modulation
  3. Low-watt density Incoloy elements (10 years warranty)
  4. High-limit thermal protection
  5. Approved for zero clearance to combustible materials
  6. Adjustable electronic hot water aquastat with wide range to suit all applications (80ºF to 190ºF)
  7. Temperature and pressure gauge
  8. Outdoor reset control saves energy and improves comfort.
  9. Convenient plug-in electronic board controls all automatic functions

Installation Manual


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Hydronic Control Panels

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