Local Students learn about Alternative Energy

A group of high school students from Brighton, NY recently toured the Center for Green Technology & Innovation.  Doug Mossbrook, President of Eagle Mountain, personally led the tour and provided the students an introduction to alternative energy and sustainable building principles.

“These students are our future,” remarked Doug Mossbrook.  He explained how the Center for Green Technology & Innovation, a building in the final stages of LEED Gold certification, was built at costs similar to conventional construction.   “We need to demonstrate that alternative energy solutions and sustainable building practices are feasible and readily available with existing technology.”

The students learned how the Center for Green Technology uses geothermal heat pumps to transfer heat energy between the pond and the building, reducing overall energy consumption by almost 70%.   The photo above shows Eagle Mountain’s research and development lab where various heat pumps are connected to different styles of ground loops for testing.

Eagle Mountain uses “slinky loops” which reduce the amount of area required for a horizontal loopfield.  Students had the opportunity to examine the piping used for geothermal heating systems and understand how heat is transfered using a glycol solution.

Finally, students had an opportunity to learn about the innovative products and interesting projects that Eagle Mountain employees work on each day.  Continue reading about the Center for Green Technology & Innovation.

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