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Water treatment for a geothermal system

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
Dan Frawley

Dan Frawley

You may not be considering a geothermal heating and cooling system for the plain and simple fact that someone has told you that your hard, high mineral content, low or high PH water is not conducive to an efficient geothermal system.

What if you have an aquifer that can support an open loop geothermal system but your quality of water is not the best?  You may know or can find out that Eagle Mountain carries cupro-nickel heat exchangers for our open loop units.  These heat exchangers are more resilient to what we in the industry call scaling.

Scaling is the process where minerals, and organics accumulate on the heat exchanger.  While cupro-nickel coils are resilient to this phenomenon, they are not immune so it becomes a question of time.  How long until I have to replace the heat exchanger?

Source Snap: Click for Link

Source Snap: Click for Link

You can extend the life of your heat exchanger by having a certified installer install a water treatment system in your home.  This would work to filter and clean the water before it entered your heat pump, effectively extending the working life of your cupro-nickel coil heat exchanger.

The goal of the water treatment center is first and foremost to lower the mineral and organic content from the incoming water.  This will reduce the mineral scaling that will occur.  Secondly, the water treatment system will need to bring the PH of the water to neutral, as a neutral PH will not eat away the heat-exchanging surface.

Ultimately, the goal of any water treatment system is to improve the quality of the incoming water.  This improvement is beneficial for both the heat exchanger in your geothermal heat pump as well as for other aspects of your home plumbing system.  The better quality water you have flowing through your heating, cooling and plumbing systems the longer those systems will last and ultimately will keep money in your wallet.

You can avoid water quality issues with a closed system that uses geothermal loops in the ground.

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