Eagle Mountain alternative energy solutions from the Sun and Wind

Eagle Mountain manufactures and distributes alternative energy products and systems that harvest the power of the sun and wind to heat your house and reduce your energy consumption

Whether you are looking to completely live "off-grid" or reduce your dependence on your local utility to lower your monthly bill, we can design a system to integrate into your current HVAC system.

Solar Hot Water
Let the power of the sun help heat water for your radiant floors, domestic hot water, pool and spa. Eagle Mountain has solar panel and component packages that can integrate into your curent HVAC systems. Learn more»

Solar Photo-voltaic (PV)
Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electricity that can provide a significant portion of your house’s electricity needs. PV systems connect to your building’s electric service panel to offset your utility usage. Learn more»

Eagle Mountain is currently researching small windmills that are both affordable and unobtrusive so as to provide our customers viable alternatives for on-site electricity generation for both new construction and retrofit applications. Learn more»





Solar Accessories:
Click here for mounting hardware and solar accessories that are available for the solar hot water panels.

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